Dörr LED SVL-180 PB Light Slim Pro

Dörr LED SVL-180 PB Light Slim Pro

Artikelnummer: D-371084

Ambitious photographers and videographers appreciate good light, because with targeted lighting, recordings can be created optimally and appear even more brilliant.
The DÖRR Slim LED Video Light SVL-180PB Pro is a very powerful LED video light with a built-in rechargeable battery and integrated powerbank function that exactly meets these requirements. Furthermore, the LED light comes in an ultra-flat housing that not only fits in any photo bag, but also in your trouser pocket. The robust housing in smartphone format is made of high-quality aluminium. The matt silver surface gives the video light an elegant and modern look.


The incorporated powerbank function allows you to charge external devices such as smartphones and tablets with help of the supplied Mini USB charging adapter. You may use the powerbank function without turning on the video light. It is also possible to use the video light at 100% power and charge an external device at the same time but this drains the battery empty more quickly.


The SVL-180PB Pro is fitted with a ¼ inch tripod thread and can be attached directly onto any tripod with the appropriate connection. For vloggers and for illuminating webinars, video conferences and for home-schooling, we recommend mounting the light onto a mini or table tripod (optionally available from DÖRR). To mount the video light on SLR and system cameras and camcorders with hot shoe, simply use the supplied universal hot shoe adapter.
With our optionally available DÖRR smartphone holder with hot shoe, you can even use the SVL-180PB Pro in combination with your smartphone. Click here for more information.
Alternatively you just hold the LED light in one hand while taking photos with the other hand.


With a total of 180 high-power Bi-Color LEDs (90x warm white + 90x cold white) the video light provides a strong light output. The brightness can be dimmed from 5 - 100% in order to adapt the lighting optimally to the photographic and cinematic tasks.
Additionally, the colour temperature can be adapted to the ambient conditions and can be set from 3.200 to 5.600 K - colour casts caused by mixed light belong to the past.
The high colour rendering index (CRI) of over 96 Ra ensures a pleasant and natural lighting, which is perfect for close-up and macro photography as well as for brightening up details and smaller product photos. Also ideal for portrait shoots to lighten shadows and to set highlights in the eye.
All set values such as light output, Kelvin value and the remaining battery capacity are shown in the clear two-colour display on the back of the housing. All settings are easily made with the user-friendly lateral buttons.


Due to the large, illuminated area, the SVL-180PB Pro creates an even and soft light. The supplied diffusor plate ensures an even softer light and reduces harsh shadows and it can be attached quickly and without ease.
The LED video light also comes with a honeycomb. This honeycomb directs the light and the object can be illuminated more defined. Furthermore, the honeycomb reduces unwanted light coming from the side.


By installing a powerful lithium polymer battery, the very compact and flat design of the SVL-180PB Pro could be realised. This battery allows an operation time of up to 1.5 hours at max. power when battery is fully charged.  The built-in battery can be charged conveniently with the supplied USB-C charging cable.
The light comes with a soft pouch which protects the LED video light from dust and scratches during transport and storage.

This light source is especially designed for photographic and cinematic purposes and is not suitable for permanent room lighting.

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